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1. What Disney character are you most like, look-wise? esmeralda probably. or jasmine?
2. What Disney character are you most like, personality-wise? esmeralda or ariel???oooh or jane from tarzan! she can draw!!!
3. If you could travel to any Disney "land" (ie. place from a movie) where would it be? neverland.
4. In your opinion, what is the best outfit that a Disney character wears? (Does not have to be your fave character) esmeralda's skanky red dress is awesome, and jane's dress in tarzan is awesome....i bet cinderella's ball gown would be crazy pretty in real life... hm.....
5. Is there a Disney movie you watched over and over as a little kid? The Little Mermaid,peter pan, mary poppins, and all the sing alongs.
6. Is there a Disney movie you watch over and over NOW? um,hunchback, nemo, potc, mary poppins.....
7. In your opinion, which movie is Disney's greatest work? little mermaid was good, artistically, sleeping beauty,beautyandthe beast, pocahontas and hunchback are the best. the lion king had mass appeal and was most sucessful at the box office... hm.... hard to say.... beauty and the best was well done. that or mermaid.
8. How many times have you been to Disneyland? over 100. seriously.
9. Disney World? none, sadly, but probably going this xmas.. or in 2005
10. What is your fave Disney character of the opposite sex? geeze, peter pan.
11. What is your favourite sidekick? timon is cool, mushu is awesome! oooh dorrrry!!!!!!!!
12. What is your favourite lesser-known character? ooh! the dancing penguins in mary poppins! <3
13. Have you ever dressed up as a Disney character? duh, only like, a bajillion times!
14. If so, which one(s)? belle, cinderella, i think jessie from toy story, peter pan for sure, and esmeralda.... oh, and minnie mouse on several occasions....
15. Have you ever fantasized about actually BEING a Disney character? hell yes.
16. What is the first Disney movie you ever saw in a theatre? i saw the jungle book when it we rereleased in theaters, or else maybe the little mermaid? if i was old enough? if not then beauty and the beast in 1992?
17. What is the first Disney movie that actually frightened you? snow white. no no no, bambi!!!!!
18. Made you cry? bambi, the lion king, dumbo, pocahontas
19. Which character, in your opinion, has the best singing voice? belle is most talented, then ariel probably, but i <3 esmeralda still! and pocahontas!!!!!!!
20. What's your favourite Disney song? thats too hard!! part of your world is good..... colors of the wind is good..... and disneyland songs are awesome too. probably laughing place or zippadee doo dah from splash mountain, they are magical to me.
21. Which song is the most fun to sing along to? zipadee doo dah
22. Do you openly admit that you are a Disney fan? hell yes.
23. Which character do you own the most souveniers for? hm. that's hard. probably tinkerbell cause they are easy to find.
24. What is your favourite Disney quote? 'as long as there is imagination left in the world then disneyland will never be complete' ` walt disney. or else the one from him on the plaque when u walk into the park..'here you leave the world of today and enter a world of yesterday tomorrow and fantasy."
25. Which character in Disneyland have you always wanted to meet? the magic carpet. i mean.... uh... yeah.
26. Who is your favourite evil female? malificent.
27. Favourite evil male? frollo creeps me out... i think captain hook is fun.. i dont know!!!!
28. Favourite animal character? um... the penguins. or.... meeko, or...dory
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