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whole_new_world's Journal

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Welcome to our Disney Community!

The History: Once upon a time in a faraway place called Teh Couve, there lived two little princesses. One was the fairy princess of the north and the other was the mermaid queen of the sea. More than anything they loved everything Disney. They spent years compiling ornaments and mementos, but they were never satisfied. One day they came across other princesses and magical creatures who loved Disney as much as they did. Together they set out on the adventure of a lifetime. Braving the elements, the group dressed in beautiful costumes and traveled across the land to the Mythical DISNEY STORE. There they were welcomed with smiling faces and gifts.

The Present: Today, we welcome everyone into our magical kingdom. Anyone is allowed to join this community, as long as they believe in the magic of friendship and the child-like laughter and smiles that Disney brings to all our faces.